Technical Resources

Prepare for implementation of Check 21 and image based clearing using these helpful technical resources. Use the following links to gather information on how to establish image-based clearing services.

Understanding Canadian Return Reasons Codes (updated July ’17)
This document provides US Banks with an understanding of the differences in Return Reason Codes they will encounter when presenting deposited Canadian Cheques in an electronic manner (X9.100-187) to a Canadian Bank. Additionally, an explanation of the occurrences when a deposited return item may be “re-exchanged” (different than represented) is included.

TR-47 Universal Companion Document Industry adoption of X9.100-187
The Universal Companion Document is now an X9 Technical Report. This version does not change any previous requirements, is totally compatible with the previous version of the UCD and does not mandate any changes to existing clearing systems.

Endorsements: Information and Usage
Learn the proper formatting and usage of endorsements and the records that represent these endorsements. This document describes basic information about endorsements, each record in the X9.100-187 file that represents endorsements or endorsement information, common scenarios and how these records should be populated for each scenario, the concept of proper “flipping” of endorsement records for exchange, the return hierarchy and implementation considerations.

UCD Implementation Points of Emphasis
This document lists issues identified by many of the early UCD adopters as being implemented incorrectly when constructing a UCD compliant file. This document does not add, remove, or modify the existing UCD in any way. This is a list of UCD records and fields, others have overlooked in their implementations with recommendations to ensure a successful implementation of UCD compliant files.

Universal Companion Document Version 1.2
Changes in Version 1.2 are only for the purpose of clarifying the wording in the previous version. Organizations that have already begun making changes utilizing Version 1.1 for the implementation of the UCD may continue to do so without concern of being non-compliant.

Universal Companion Document Version 1.1
Examine the new Universal Companion Document for the updated standard X9.100-187-2008 to learn the industry approach for populating and validating check image files for image exchange.

Substitute Checks: Development of Processing & Quality Standards
Learn about the standards that apply to electronic images of checks and review in detail the standard developed specifically for substitute checks, DSTU X9.90. This standard has been updated since this document was originally created by ECCHO. However, this document still provides you with background information and examples of substitute checks.  For details regarding the revision, please see the standard X9.100-140, which can be obtained only through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Financial Industry Standards
Review the catalog of ASC X9 Financial Industry Standards. Included is a brief description of each standard and information on how download and/or purchase the entire standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Organization of Standards for Paper-based and Image-based Payments Review the X9 technical report TR 100, which includes information on the core and application standards for paper-based and image-based payments, applicable technical reports and guidelines, and the definitions of terms and the standards that use them.