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Rules, Regulations, and Guidance

Below is a list of links to check-related Rules, Regulations and Guidance.  Reference links have been separated by category for easy access.

Rules / Agreements 

ECCHO Rules – private sector image exchange rules for ECCHO Members by agreement

Federal Reserve Operating Circular 3 (November 15, 2021) –  This Operating Circular governs the handling of all cash items (e.g., checks and check images) that the Federal Reserve Banks accept for forward collection, as well as all returned checks they accept for return.

Federal Reserve Check Adjustments Quick Reference Guide – quick reference to Federal Reserve OC3 adjustment types


Regulation CC: Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks

Uniform Commercial Code Article 3

Uniform Commercial Code Article 4

Regulation J: Collection of Checks and Other Items by Federal Reserve


FFIEC: Supervisory Guidance for Remote Deposit Capture (Jan 2009)

FFIEC: Operations (Jul 2004)

FFIEC: Retail Payments Systems (April 2016) FFIEC: Information Security (Sep 2016)

FFIEC: Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment (June 2011)

FinCEN Advisory: FIN-2012-A010 (Oct 2012)

FinCEN Advisory: FIN-2016-A0005 (Oct 2016)